Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Web Secret #377: Venmo

What do you do when you owe someone money?

Do you write them a check?

Go to the ATM to give them cash?

Buy a money order?

Purchase a gift card?

Millenials don't do any of the above - they use Venmo.

Venmo is a free app that enables you to send money from person to person through the web. Like PayPal (which owns Venmo), the Internet and mobile device-linked service connects to your major U.S.-based bank account or debit card, so it can pull funds from and make deposits into your checking or savings accounts.

Typically used for paying friends back for a bar tab, splitting up the rent check, or settling with the babysitter at the end of the night, it’s designed to take the place of any instance where you would normally use cash or a check to give someone money.

Setting up Venmo is simple, but not intuitive, so I recommend viewing this video to help you with that process.

Once you are set up, using Venmo is quick and easy.

And useful.

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