Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Web Secret #381: Advanced Style

Next year I am going to have a major birthday.

So major I can't say it out loud, let alone write it in this post.

Just use your imagination.

I am preemptively FREAKING out.

How to feel better? Retail therapy? Psychotherapy? Plastic Surgery?

I watched "Advanced Style" on Netflix.

And I felt much better.

You see many people fear advancing age. They worry that they will be marginalized, unemployed, infirm, unattractive.

Me, I am shallow. I worry about not being cool.

And Advanced Style - which started as an equally wonderful blog - reassured me that I don't have to worry.

The brain child of blogger Ari Seth Cohen, it chronicles the stylish get-ups of a crowd that’s largely ignored by the fashion system - people over 50.

In the process of watching the movie and reading the blog I was elevated.

And you will be too.

Even if you don't have a major birthday coming up.

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