Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Web Secret 411: 2016 tech trends to watch

Goldman Sachs tech bankers advise companies about top trends that will dominate the tech sector in a given year.

Sometimes, it is difficult to understand how these monumental forces will impact those of us in the mental health/employee assistance arena. It can take a while for the implications to reveal themselves.

In a video posted by Wired magazine, the bankers do a pretty good job of explaining what they predict for 2016.

Trend 1: Big Data analytics. We have had the capacity to collect large amounts of data for a while now, but the tech bankers predict that improvements in software will enable us to harness this data in ways that were previously unimaginable. Think: we may actually be able to predict the future.

Trend 2: e-commerce paradigm shift. Consumers can shop anywhere, anytime by using their mobile devices. Think about: we have our mobile devices within arms reach 90% of the time. We check these devices, on average, 150 times a day. Mobile commerce is on the verge of eclipsing conventional commerce. If you aren't thinking about serving your clients in this mobile world - you should.

Trend 3: Cyber security. More and more of our critical infrastructure connects to the Internet these days. And if it connects to the Internet, it can be hacked. For mental health practitioners this means communicating with clients via encrypted channels. Storing online charts in a secure environment. Selecting strong passwords. Medium institutions like hospitals and school systems are especially vulnerable. A new form of piracy is for hackers to hold records hostage and refuse to release them unless a ransom is paid.

Trend 4: semiconductors. Stay with me. Don't glaze over. You've got this. Semiconductors are the brains and memory of our electronics devices. Thanks to them, our capabilities are marching into the territory of science fiction. Can you unlock your smart phone with your finger print? Soon your device will recognize your face. Walk around your home or your office, and you are likely to be surrounded by semiconductors.

Now sit back, and watch it all unfold.

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