Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Web Secret 426: Google Arts and Culture

I recently came back from visiting Florence and Venice.

I went to numerous museums and looked at incredible paintings, sculptures and architectural masterpieces until my head exploded.

I am an art junkie who enjoys experiencing the world's cultural buffet.

But what if I told you that anyone with an Internet connection could see these treasures - passport and plane ticket not required?

That would be the Google Arts and Culture Project.

I have no idea why Google decided to approach hundreds of museums and cultural institutions, scan thousands of works using state of the art high resolution technology, and then organize the scans in dozens of different funky ways. Was it out of the goodness of their heart? For a tax break? To monetize it in some murky fashion?

I don't care.

I care that I can see:
How about curated collections about the wonders of Indonesia, street art, 360 degree performing arts shows?

It feels limitless.

Take a trip.

On me.

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