Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Web Secret 445: Boss Whispering Institute

Part of my day job is to oversee the publication of the EAP Newsbrief, a weekly electronic newsletter published by the international Employee Assistance Professionals Association.

The Newsbrief focuses on topics of interest to individuals working in areas related to corporate and employee mental health.

Nary a week goes by without an article about workplace bullying - a scourge impacting workplaces around the world.

In most cases, the bully is a manager, and the bullying impacts the company's bottom line because of worker turnover or problems with absenteeism and presenteeism as subordinates do anything to avoid the bully. Abrasive bosses represent a huge challenge for companies and executive coaches. In many cases, the end result is the termination of that abrasive manager.

Is there a better way?

There's an app for that.

Just kidding, there is the "Boss Whispering Institute," the brain child of Dr. Laura Crawshaw, a psychotherapist, executive coach, researcher, and author, who focuses her research and practice on the reduction of workplace suffering caused by abrasive leaders.

The Boss Whispering Institute offers a multiplicity of resources for companies and professionals:

1. You can hire Dr. Crawshaw.
2. or any of the other professionals who have completed her program and become accredited Boss Whisperers.
3. You can read her books and articles.
4. You can hire her to speak.


It's a good thing.

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