Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Web Secret 528: 11 ways to encourage yourself and others to take a break from technology

I recently came across a Forbes article "11 Ways To Encourage Mental Breaks From Technology In The Workplace."

Interestingly, most of the suggestions could be applied to ourselves or our families. As usual, here is the edited version:

1. Create Smartphone Break Areas
Ask people to voluntarily put the smartphone in a box in a certain area of the workplace.

2. Truly Respect Time Off
If an employee is supposed to be off of work, do not send them an email during that time. Don't assume an email is less intrusive than an actual phone call. If you would not call them at that hour, then don't email either.

3. Create Boundaries For Out-Of-Office Communications
Unless a job is billed as 24/7 on-call, maintain boundaries for outside hours communications. Establish cut-off times that are clear and enforceable as nightly deadlines for work outreach.

4. Leave Phones Out Of Meetings
Have a "no smartphone" policy in meetings -- not just team meetings but one-on-one meetings in your office. Leave your phone out of sight, switched off, or put it on silent with no vibration.

5. Clarify The Level Of Priority
Give your team the flexibility of priority awareness. Use the subject line of an email to scale the urgency of an action. Notations like "action by COB today," "before lunch," or "prepare for next staff meeting" give a clear timeline. On the other hand, preceding status updates with FYSA (For Your Situational Awareness) clarifies that no immediate action is required.

6. Promote Self-Care
Implement a wellness program, add yoga and other de-stressing activities, and/or add a quiet zone. Create safe, phone-free zones for employees to unwind and decompress. Senior leaders must demonstrate that they value self-care and allow spaces for employees to do the same. This also means that out-of-office truly means that employees are unavailable during that time.

7. Encourage Employees To Disable Notifications
Getting a mental break at work can be less about getting away from the smartphone and more about diminishing unnecessary sights and sounds. Sound and sight distractions such as email, text and app notifications exponentially increase stress and decrease productivity. If you do nothing more than turn off email "pings" and pop-up windows, you will greatly enhance a sense of focus and calm at work.

8. Take Meetings Outside
If you work near any green space, start taking small groups or one-on-one meetings outside. Find space near a fountain to meet with employees or just walk and talk. Fresh air stimulates greater creative thinking. Walking improves circulation and overall health.

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