Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Web Secret 602: Euphoria

I had no intention of watching the HBO series "Euphoria."

From the trailer, it looked like an updated "Beverly Hills 90210"about angsty, unrealistically attractive, upper middle class teenagers - with more graphic sex and drug use. - because "hey, it's 2019."

But my 25 year old son, (who is either a very young Millennial, or a very old Gen Z,) assures me this is not the case.

It appears Euphoria can serve as a field trip to understand what Gen Z is all about.

Gen Z. They are the children born in the ashes of 9/11. Cursed from the start. One of the major characters in the series deadpans "The world’s coming to an end and I haven’t even graduated high school.”

One day after work, my son asked an 18 year old intern, (from Idaho no less,) if that is what she believes.

She said yes, without any hesitation. Her generation will suffer the consequences of climate change, the imminence of mass extinction events. A decline in living standards. Insurmountable college debt.

Now I'm going to watch it.

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