Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Web Secret 624: Impact Consulting and Training

This is an open letter to the readers of this blog:
On April 4, I became the first person in the world to be accredited in Mobile Instructional Design (MID) on a platform called Gnowbe. My knowledge enables me to create self-directed, cutting-edge learning experiences accessible on a smartphone, computer, or tablet. These programs include gamification, videos, interactive exercises, etc.

In addition, I am able to transform an existing webinar or presentation into an MID program for almost any industry.

Here is a free program for you to get the feel for the platform: My electronic journey to MID Certification. You will be asked to create a completely free Gnowbe account to enjoy this program.

I have now partnered with my long time colleague and co-presenter Mike Klaybor EdD, a psychologist based in Houston, Texas. We named our new venture Impact Consulting and Training. We are creating a library of training programs on mental health and wellness topics, as well as consulting and training on EAPs, mental health, and wellness topics.

The first program we created, “Managing Emotional Concerns during COVID19,” is based on a training Mike has delivered to over 3,000 attendees. Anyone from a high school senior to a professional can benefit from this program. You can recommend the program to your clients and patients. The program helps you define the strategies that are going to help you get through the pandemic in the best possible emotional shape.

Our second program is for clinicians looking to become an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) affiliate provider. "Expand Your Clinical Revenue Stream With EAP Referrals" is an innovative self directed micro learning program that provides an introductory look at employee assistance programs (EAPs) and employee assistance (EA).

The course describes the component services provided by typical EAPs, and the unique relationship between EAPs and the workplace, EAPs and human resources, EAPs and employees. It explains foundational EA principles, such as the dual client allegiance. Finally, it provides you with a list of resources so you can further your knowledge of the field and join affiliate provider networks to get referrals and grow this part of your business. The program takes about 90 minutes to complete and provides you with a certificate of completion. For more info, view the program here.

Please send the link to this blog post, our Impact website or these 2 programs to anyone you think would be interested.

Thank you!

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