Wednesday, August 13, 2008

About Me

iWebU was started in 2008 by Marina London. The blog's initial purpose was to help technophobic mental health professionals learn about technology and social media. As time went by, the blog's mission expanded to include commentary about disruptive trends and technologies, as well as hardware and software reviews. Marina is one of a handful of women over 45 to write about tech and still has nightmares about being one of only 5 women (or so it seemed) to attend a Web 2.0 conference

Who is Behind iWebU?

Marina London

Prior to launching her career as a social media/tech fanatic, she worked as an executive for several corporate mental health consulting firms. 

In 2008, she  launched a new career as a web content writer, social media trainer and blogger extraordinaire, geared primarily at brilliant techno peasants.

Now known for her easy to understand, entertaining presentations on social media marketing and web design for professionals, she has presented her "Web Secrets" via webinars, and at numerous national and international conferences.

Marina has a Bachelor of Arts cum laude in Psychology from Yale University and a Master of Science from Columbia University.

You can contact Marina at Serious inquiries only.

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