Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Web Secret #12 - free conference calls

Have you ever wanted to talk to multiple colleagues at one time?

Run supervisory sessions with 4 students simultaneously?

Coach a team of employees scattered across multiple worksites?

And you didn't - because setting up a conference call was both cost prohibitive and technically overwhelming?

This week's secret is for you. Turns out there is a company called Basement Ventures that offers free conference calling for up to 250 participants.

Sound too good to be true? Nay - this is the 21st century, and web 2.0 offers such goodies.

I will let Basement Ventures speak for themselves:
"Our on-demand, free conference calling is available anytime—no advance notice or conference call details are required. This is truly a free conference calling service you can use from anywhere, anytime, featuring a 250-person capacity and up to six hours of conference time for each call.

With BV FreeConferencing, you can use your free conference calling account repeatedly, whenever and wherever you need it. There are no strings attached—this conference calling service is completely free of charge. We won’t bill you anything for using our free conference calling service. Only domestic long-distance rates apply. (Long-distance rates are determined by each conference caller’s long-distance carrier.) There are no hidden costs or increased rates for free conference calls. If the caller is using a cell phone, most VOIP services or a nationwide long-distance plan, the conference call will likely cost them nothing.

Arranging free conference calls is simple—just provide each caller with the date and time of your call as well as the dial-in number and bridge code. Once your callers enter the appropriate code, they are connected on one conference call."
There you have it. Sign up - and enjoy.

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