Friday, August 29, 2008

Web Secret #15 - eHow

eHow™ is a website that consists of over 250,000 articles providing clear instructions on how to do just about everything. Of those articles, 180,000 are professionally written with clear and concise directions on how to do things. Every month, over 17 million people visit the site.

So how is this relevant to you, a professional with a private practice or small business?

Let me take you through a scenario that can be adapted to ANY business:

Let's say you are a mental health professional with a private practice. You specialize in the substance abuse treatment of adolescents, and you have been asked to speak to a hundred parents - potential clients - about alcohol abuse at a PTA meeting.

You need a spiffy handout for them on the topic "How to Know If Your Child Has An Alcohol Problem". You are freaking out. You don't have the time, (or quite frankly the writing skills), to put this together from scratch.

NO PROBLEMA. eHow has a well written article "How to Know If You Have An Alcohol Problem" adapted from National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence and Alcoholics Anonymous publications. With some judicious editing, and some additional material, you can quickly adapt that article to create a parent friendly "How to Know If My Kid Has An Alcohol Problem".

Better yet, you can turn around and submit your newly created "How to Know If My Kid Has An Alcohol Problem" to eHow. Voila! free public relations for your practice.

Even better? Sign up for a free account and join eHow's Writer's Compensation Program. When you publish your article, you will be compensated for pageviews and its content. The more useful the article is, the more money you will earn.

For inspiration, browse eHow's categories and articles.

Bonus Hint: At eHow, you retain all your rights to your work.

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