Monday, August 18, 2008

Web Secret #4 - the Flip Video Camera

If you've ever had a fantasy about inexpensively and easily adding video to your private practice or organizational website - your dream has come true. The Flip camcorder is small (the size of a compact digital camera), operates on AA batteries, and IT'S EASY TO USE.

Here is the entire Flip users manual:

You turn it on, and it's ready to start filming in two seconds. You press the red button once to record and once to stop. You press Play to review the video, and the Trash button to delete a clip. Use the flip-out USB key to download your video to your computer.

That's it.

A Flip Video Ultra Camcorder with 60 minutes of recording capability is under $150.

Bonus Hint: Not sure what type of video would enhance your website? Go to YouTube, type in "psychotherapy videos", "medical procedure videos", or any collection of words that describes the nature of your work and you can view hundreds of videos for inspiration.

Warning: Resist the temptation to make a video that lasts much longer than 5 minutes. On the web brevity works best.

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