Monday, April 20, 2009

Web Secret #48: The Social Media Marketing Triangle

Last week I attended a social media marketing workshop in Manhattan. I always like to have a grip on the depth of my knowledge and ignorance of Twitter and the like. For extra punishment, I stayed to listen to a panel discussion about social media marketing.

The panel was a complete waste of time. It was lead by a Betty Boop like, very clueless person. Sample question asked of the panel of full time social media experts: "So like, how much time do you spend on social marketing each day?"

But the social media presenter was Rick Rochon, a very knowledgeable guy, and he said:
"Having a website is like having a billboard in the desert."
He meant that if you don't drive traffic to your website using other social media, it's a waste.

He advocates having a "blebsite" - linking a website and a blog.

I take it a step further - if your serious about promoting yourself or your business, you need a Social Media Marketing Triangle.

I thought about this concept after I heard my contractor talking about the "kitchen work triangle" as he attempted to remodel my "vintage" kitchen into something more 21st century. He kept harping about the need to have an invisible "work triangle" created by the arrangement of the sink, the stove and the refrigerator. It seems that the placement of these three elements in relation to each other is intrinsically connected to designing an efficient kitchen.

It got me thinking - maybe the key to self promotion on the web is an invisible "triangle" that you create on the Internet by cross referring between at least 3 web platforms.

Take, for example, your website, your Facebook page and your Twitter account. What if the strategic placement of any three social media elements in relation to one another is fundamentally connected to successfully marketing yourself or your organization on the Internet?

The more I think about it, the more I like it. Your website refers to your blog, your blog refers to Twitter, your Twitter account refers back to your website. The more triangles - the better. If you have the patience to build 4 triangles, you have a tetrahedron of social media networks.

How geodesic...

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