Thursday, April 30, 2009

Web Secret #50: Top 10 Secrets

I have reached a milestone - my 50th post!

To celebrate, here are my top 10 Web Secrets listed Letterman style:

10. Web Secret #8: The Ten Commandments of Website Creation. It all starts with a well designed and well constructed website.

9. Web Secret #16 - Stumble Around. When you can't think of a single thing to blog about or Twitter about, this is all the help you need.

8. Web Secret #20 - SharedBook. Affordable reverse publishing - now that's a cool idea.

7. Web Secret #23 - TED. Inspiration at it's very best.

6. Web Secret #24 - Very Bad Websites. Serves as both comic relief and a what-not-to-do when it comes to websites.

5. Web Secret #34 - Web 3.0. Coming soon, in a future near you.

4. Web Secret #38 - 7 Ways to Get People to Read Your Blog. Try 'em, they work.

3. Web Secret #39 - Whopper Sacrifice. The best in viral marketing.

2. Web Secret #44 - Ethics of Online Counseling and Everything Else. Ethics in the online world. Sorely needed.

and the number one web secret...

1. Web Secret #48 - The Social Media Marketing Triangle. Achieve your optimal presence on the Web. Learned in the kitchen.

Join me in 2010, when I celebrate my 100th!

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