Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Web Secret #51: Pelican Micro Cases™

One of my friends is on her fourth iPhone. One drowned accidentally in a pool, one was swept away at sea (who knew high tide could reach that far...), and the last one was crushed to death when she inadvertently left it on top of her car, and then put the car in reverse. She could have used a Pelican Micro Case™.

What's so special about these cases? Well first of all, the case can withstand up to 5,000 lbs of pressure. To help you visualize this feature,, (which sells them), shot their infamous "Ziggy the Hamster Survives in a Pelican Case" video. Ziggy is placed in a case, is run over by a Lexus SUV and survives unscathed. (PETA members please don't call me - no hamsters were harmed or even actually used for the stunt.)

Secondly, the case can withstand temperature ranges from -10° F to +200° F. So you can go to hell and your case will survive.

Thirdly, the case is water resistant, so while it won't protect your valuable small electronics if you take them scuba diving, it will protect them in the pouring rain, or on a boat, or in your son's backpack which he left outside during a snow storm.

The cases come in a variety of cool colors and 6 different sizes, and prices start at a mere $9.42. Pelican Micro Cases™ - my friend could have used one...

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