Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Web Secret #140: SEND6

As I have progressed from giving 1 hour presentations to all day workshops, my PowerPoints have grown accordingly. Now my files are, to put it bluntly, too big to send via conventional e-mail unless I have:

1. a very fast Internet connection
2. a very new state of the art computer
3. a lot of patience
4. all of the above.

Since few people, including myself, fall into category number 4, I am always looking for easy to use and FREE websites that will make it possible for me to send these bloated files. Today, I ran across

Sending couldn't be simpler, or faster. From the home page of SEND6 you fill out a simple form indicating the e-mail of the person you are sending the files to, a message (if you want to add one), and then you select up to 6 files (max 50MB) to forward. You can even select to have a copy sent to your e-mail.

Your recipient receives an e-mail with a link to your files, and has 7 days to download them. You can send files twice a month under the FREE plan.

SEND6 has a variety of subscription plans if your needs are greater. For example, for $29.99 per year, you can do 25 sends per month.

As the folks at SEND6 state, "Send large files. Professionally."

Couldn't say it any better myself.

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