Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Web Secret #176:

I am a Star Trek fan, a huge one. I once even attended a convention, (don’t tell my kids.)

During my lifetime, I have had the pleasure of watching Star Trek’s technology become reality.

The crew’s communicator? That’s my old Motorola flip phone. The tricorder? That’s a lot like my iPad. Phasers on stun? Don't tase me, bro’. The Holodeck? That's a lot like Second Life.

Do you remember the computer on the Enterprise? All you had to do was ask it a question and it answered verbally. That hasn’t been done yet ... or has it?

Well my fellow trekkers, wait no more. is here.

Qwiki demonstrated.

Qwiki in a nutshell? Type in EMDR. And Qwiki speaks the answer. It explains what EMDR is. It also shows you relevant visuals during the explanation. And it provides you with other relevant topics, eg neuroplasticity, that you can click on as well.

That first moment when Qwiki answers your first question is absolutely thrilling.

The future is now.

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