Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Web Secret #211: Don't Stand Still

In December 2011, I wrote a post about a Canadian Employee Assistance Program's (EAP) ground breaking mobile app,  My EAP. And then I sat back and waited to see other EAPs, treatment facilities and mental health clinic jump on the app bandwagon.

And nothing happened. As far as I know Canada is still leading the app pack.

Oh, wait. Something did happen. The Canadian company, Morneau Shepell updated their app, and came out with an improved version.

I'll let them describe some of the improvements:
My EAP version 2.0 includes expert health and wellness articles, videos, and new interactive tools which are all now available on a global basis.

New features and improved functionality allow users to:

  • contact EAP support toll-free, anytime, anywhere worldwide;
  • register for E-Counseling directly through the app (Canada and US), instead of through a computer;
  • determine their stress levels via a new tool called My Stress Index; and
  • evaluate their relationship using a new tool called My Relationship Meter.
So I throw down the gauntlet, and urge you to put your big toe in the app and social media waters.

Before Morneau Shepell comes up with version 3.0.

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  1. Thank you for your kind words. We're very proud of our app at Morneau Shepell as it provides a new avenue for people to access help. And its working. I'm afraid you're probably going to be disappointed in waiting for othe EAPs to catch up as we're committed to innovation and helping people.
    Thanks again and keep a look out - there is more coming!