Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Web Secret #259: Let's hear it for the girls

If you've been following my blog for a while, then you know that I get very cranky about the lack of girls in technology. However, I am beginning to get a tiny bit more hopeful that women are getting a foothold, well maybe more of a toehold into tech.

Some of that hope comes from my own backyard. My daughter Jamie is a social media and computer hardware/software expert. Jamie never reads manuals, she just picks up that newest model smartphone/laptop/doohickey and knows how to operate it in a matter of seconds. Aggravated with Facebook's latest privacy settings - call Jamie. Ready to give up on Photoshop - call Jamie. For some of her best tips, follow her on Twitter.

Jamie turned me on to Sew Many Ways, a blog by Karen. Karen must never sleep, because in addition to working as a dental hygienist and posting about a hundred different topics from sewing, to crafts to organizing, she writes some of the very best blogger tips I have ever read.

Here's an example: "Add A Favicon For Blogger With No HTML Code." The tiny little picture some websites and blogs have next to their web or URL address is called a Favicon...short for Favorite Icon. Adding one to your blogger blog without Karen's step by step explanation is a veritable pain in the neck, guaranteed to suck up your time and your energy.

Karen has written about 40 how to posts for everyone from beginners to more advanced bloggers. Thank you, Karen. Get some rest.

Through Karen's "How To Add Social Media Icons To Your Blog," I discovered Carrie Loves (Life Love Design) another woman who doesn't get a lot of sleep. Carrie designs blogger templates and websites, and gives away free stuff she has created, like beautiful social media icons. Her website is instructive, fun and beautiful.

So let's give these girls a hand! Now if I can only get Deniece Williams to rerecord this with the correct lyrics:

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my blog, I'm in very good company here.