Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Web Secret 403: websites that will make you smarter

I love it when an old pre-Internet media product thrives in the 21st century.

I'm talking about you Inc. magazine - founded in 1979.

Anyway, I came across an interesting Inc. article: "12 Websites That Will Make You Smarter".

To save you some time, here are the ones I really liked - with my comments:

Lingvist - Learn a language in 200 hours. Right now they only have French and English. Bummer - since I already know both. But many more are coming. Sign up to be on a waiting list.

Highbrow - Get bite-size daily courses to your inbox. Love this one! Most courses consist of ten 5 minute sessions. Sample mini classes on topics ranging from "Ultimate Guide to Running" to "Architects Who Changed the World," from "The Most Influential Speeches in History" to "Most Ambitious Science Projects." There are 65 of them.

Memrise - Use flashcards to learn just about anything. Science, history, geography and more.

Chesscademy - Learn how to play chess for free.

Yousician - Your personal guitar tutor for the digital age. Remember the drudgery of learning those chords as a teenager? This will blow your mind.

Have fun!

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