Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Web Secret 434: Karma Go

Have you ever needed WiFi and couldn't get it?

Of course you have.

You have two choices. Wait until you get back home or can tap into a free network. Or use cellular data - expensive.

Now there's another affordable alternative.

Karma Go.

Here's the deal: you buy a small, light Karma Go device (it weighs 2.3 ounces) for $149.

Karma Go turns the Sprint 4G LTE connection into a personal WiFi signal.

Your laptop, tablet, and phone wirelessly connect to Karma Go within about 100 feet.

Karma Go works in over 460 cities in the US.

Their intro plan is very inexpensive.

For 1GB, you pay $15. You only pay for the data you want. Your data never expires. You earn 100MB when a guest connects to your Karma Go.

That's it.

Problem solved.

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