Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Web Secret 435: go fund me

This is the third post in a row with the word "go" in the title - completely unintentional.

Anyway, is a personal fundraising website.

What does that mean?

Watch the video:

It takes minutes to set up a campaign. GoFundMe will deduct a 7.9% fee from each donation received.

AS an example, Shana Garcia, has been tending feral cat colonies in Yonkers, NY, trapping cats for neutering/vet care and rescuing those she knows will make good pets. She does this in neighborhoods most of us would avoid She has made a deal with the local human society where they will charge her only $10 for vaccinations, $30 for spaying and bulk price for food.

A close friend and colleague of mine as volunteered with Shana for many years and so I can donate knowing that the funds will be spent wisely. Shana set a modest goal of $1,000 and you can view her gofundme site here. Even if she doe not reach that goal, she can keep 92% of every donation received.

Gofundme makes it easy to donate funds and easy to share campaigns on social media.

It's a win/win.

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