Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Web Secret 532: Srugim

The Internet is making me realize that I am just as provincial as those demonized imaginary deplorables from the Midwest.

I already had an inkling I was in a self imposed ghetto when I was pondering unfriending my last Republican Facebook friend because he voted for Trump. If I did that I would be perfectly insulated from anyone who didn't have exactly the same values I have.

And then I didn't do it - because - well he likes Star Trek and classic rock and dogs and. Well you get the point. I had to make it work. In our little Facebook world, I made myself reach across the aisle.

And I thought about this all over again when someone suggested I watch an Israeli TV show (aired between 2008 and 2012) called "Srugim."

Srugim has been called the Israeli "Friends." Superficially you could think that. It's about five 30 year olds who live in the same Jerusalem singles neighborhood called "The Swamp", hanging out in each others apartments and angsting about love and life.

Except that the five are Modern Orthodox Jews.

For the record, though I am Jewish, I have never had any Orthodox friends or even acquaintances.

They don't agree with my secular view of the world. I would shun them in a minute if I actually met them in real life.

But the series was recommend by a friend I greatly respect, so I streamed it on Amazon Prime Video.

Srugim is like "Friends," if "Friends" didn't have a laugh track, addressed questions of faith and doubt, death and mourning, and took its time telling a story.

Watch it.

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