Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Web Secret 533: Curable

Curable is an app that helps users control their chronic pain.

I can't think of a more necessary modality right this minute.

Doctors are drastically reducing opioid prescriptions even when this makes no sense whatsoever.

Unless you are fortunate to live in a state where medical marijuana has existed for a long time - you have no access to even the low THC cannabis pain relievers.

So pain sufferers need another option.

In an October 2017 article "Curing the Incurable", long time TechCrunch reviewer Jon Evans explains how Curable helped his wife dramatically reduce her chronic migraines.

He writes: "[The] treatment program is based on the (thoroughly scientifically grounded) notion that chronic pain tends to slowly rewire the brain to “perpetuate the feeling of pain” — and that this neurological sensitization to pain can be undone, in whole or in part, via mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy...It may sound odd that cognitive techniques can overcome and eliminate real physical pain, but there is an sizable amount of hard science behind this, which Curable users are walked through."

If you've tried PT, pills, acupuncture, epidural shots, and everything else under the sun, why not try it?

I know I am.

Caveat: I am not a medical professional and you should check with yours before using Curable.

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