Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Web Secret 538: The New York Times

I recently waged a war against the New York Times.

I have been reading the New York Times every day since I went off to college approximately 200 years ago.

For decades, the paper has been delivered to my doorstep.

Every morning I start my day with a double shot of espresso and a review of the headlines. I read no more than one story about Donald Trump so that I can refrain from throwing crockery against the wall. I culminate with the crossword puzzle which I fill out with a fountain pen filled with my favorite orange ink.

All of this has been going on for decades like clockwork.

Until 3 weeks ago when it stopped.

Sometimes I got the paper late, sometimes times it didn't come at all.

I called customer support endless times. Nothing changed. They refused to connect me to the company that actually delivers the paper.

Since the weekend paper came just fine, I cancelled my weekday paper.

I tried reading the paper on line and printing out the crossword.

I absolutely hated it.

One day the Saturday paper failed to arrive and I called customer service again.

This time, I was connected to the delivery company.

My contact there, Rosa, fixed everything and actually followed up to make sure I got my weekend paper.

I decided to go crazy and restart weekday delivery.


Sometimes you just need a human.

And virtual is not good enough.

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