Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Web Secret 550: Apple AirPods

Apple's AirPods are white, wireless headphones.

At $159 a pair, I thought I could live without them. Actually, I thought I could live without wireless headphones altogether.

But then I received a pair as a gift and some of that changed.

Things that didn't change: They are white (boring), and they look odd sticking out of your ears.

Things that changed:
  1. The incredible sense of freedom resulting from being untethered.
  2. The convenience of seeing on my iPhone how much battery life is left.
  3. The way they snap into the portable case that charges them.
  4. The high quality audio - though I can't get them to be as loud as I want - which is probably better for my eardrums.
Now I can't imagine how I lived without them.

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