Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Web Secret 551: Karst Stone Paper

When I work, I always have a notebook in front of me.

There I keep track of ideas, jot down bits of HTML code, write down products I might want to try.

Because I am an extreme stationary nerd, I use different brands of notebooks. I have favored: I was on the lookout for my next favorite notebook when I came across the Australian based Karst Stone Paper company.

The company claims it is possible to make paper without timber and water, without chlorine or acids, without waste, using only a third of the carbon footprint of regular paper using recycled stone.

On the plus side the paper is smoother, brighter, and more durable than traditional paper.

The negative? It's expensive and the notebooks are heavy, not ideal for lugging around in a backpack or a messenger bag.

I ordered one immediately.

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