Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Web Secret #199: Social Media Is Transforming

One way to keep a blog fresh and relevant is to invite a guest blogger. Risky too, what if they write a lousy post? But when you invite the perfect guest - well that's another story

Blogger Jeff Bulla scored a perfect 10 when he asked socio-cultural anthropologist Lisa Galarneau to write a post.

She sucked me in by embedding the following sensational YouTube video:

Her main point was that social media is transforming the world by "...leveraging the power of six degrees of separation. Uniting in common purpose and effort..."

These are the examples she used:

1. Social Media Allows Us to Challenge the Status Quo
We can reach out to anyone on the planet, building things, creating things, connecting with each other, and self-organizing around important issues. Does anyone think the Arab Spring would have occurred as swiftly without Twitter?

2. We Are Being Changed by Exposure to Diversity
We can pay attention to the small details of the lives around us, delight with them, and cry with them. People are connecting and being exposed to diverse perspectives on an unimaginable scale.

3. We Can Learn More from Each Other
You can find everything from make-up tips to sophisticated research projects on YouTube, and numerous other platforms.

4. We Are Exposed to Crowd Sourced Wisdom
Share our knowledge, wisdom and experiences.

5. Creativity and Inspiration is Unleashed
We share our creative ideas and inspirations.

6. Truth is Exposed
We haunt Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks waiting for a cause or idea to support. We use these powerful tools, and the signals cannot be easily stopped - even with government censorship.

7. Anyone can Contribute

So back to that YouTube video. 350,000 people from all over the world uploaded their cover of the Adele hit "Rolling in the Deep.

One person culled the 71 best tracks and "wove them into a mash-up... in perfect synchrony."

Power and unity beckon.

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