Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Web Secret 420: Lush and the mini USB

I am sometimes oblivious to the technical marvels that surround me.

But from time to time, I can be blindsided with awe.

It started with my birthday - a rather major one this year which I wanted to celebrate by hiding under the covers.

So I did the next best thing, I booked myself for an 80 minute "Synaesthesia" massage at one of only two "Lush" spas in the US.

Lush is an all natural, ecologically minded UK company that makes bath and cosmetics products. I discovered them during a trip to England in the 90s.

Their newest venture, the Lush Spa, recreates the experience of being in an English cottage in the 19th century - think "The Shire" where the Hobbits live in Lord of the Rings.

I opted for Synaesthesia because it promised to take me away and cleanse my mind via "a journey of personalized massage and sensory delirium." The Lush people actually paid a composer to write music to accompany the experience.

And it was absolutely great.

The music was memorable and I immediately ordered the recording from Lush in England. I was promised a vinyl version and a "companion USB."

Two weeks later I opened the box. At first I couldn't find the USB aka flash drive.

That's because they sent a mini USB card.

The size of a penny, the width of a dime.

And this tiny, tiny, tiny little piece of plastic held the entire Synaesthesia soundtrack and a full length movie of the English countryside set to the music and sounds of the Synaesthesia experience.

And it was good.

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